Forcing HP CP1215 to print problem

Oct 25, 2009
I have a HP CP1215 printer. I have generated some panorama views and thought it would be great to print them out on double A4 sheets, two A4 sheets stuck together to make a 21x60cm paper. The problem comes when printing. I can change the paper size in word (XP)of open office (ubuntu) and even change the printer paper size control in ubuntu to custom but when it comes to printing it stops after the first sheet of A4 and the printer indicates a jam.

Does anyone know or has successfully forced this or a similar printer to print on custom paper longer A4/A3, if so please could you let me know how you did it?

The eventual aim is to use one long piece paper cut to size to print these pictures but for the moment I want to prove the principle with two A4 sheets stuck back to back.


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