Found Expensive Epson 4000 Pro Printer

Mar 3, 2014
Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do with this thing? Part it out, sell it as a whole?

Someone discarded an Epson 4000 Pro on the side of the street so of course I had to drag it in to see what it is all about. (HEAVY SUCKER) I usually disassemble stuff like this and take the motors, rods, LCDs, etc... but this thing is pretty impressive and it seems to be working just fine. It is missing the front paper tray, ink cartridges, and the spool or what ever other options that came with it on the back of it. I plugged it in, it made a bunch of noise like it was setting stuff up, (seemed fine) went through the menu and took a quick look around... 685 prints. Would like to post images and a video but I do not have enough posts to do so.

Is it worth keeping and playing with? It sure takes up lots of room!



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