Printer Claim Code no where to be found

Jun 22, 2020
I have an older HP Photosmart 6525 connected to my wireless network. Recently I have attempted to connect my Amazon Echo Show so I can print out shopping list, to do list, etc. When setting up the Alexa HP Printer Skill, it requires a printer claim code. I have researched the HP website, contacted HP phone support and gone to the printer IP dashboard. In all cases I am told the same thing. I must print the Web Services Info page to get the code. Can't tell you how many ways I have printed this - from the printer itself, web site and ip web dashboard and all results are the same. No claim code shows up. Where it shows on the website help sample page is nothing but white space on my printout. I also printed out the Printer Status Report with hopes but not there either. Anyone have any suggestions?

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