FTP/Desktop Settings on MX2640n

Jan 26, 2015
Hello everyone,

My supervisor likes to use the FTP/Desktop function on our office's MX2640n printer. I have never used this function before and don't even know what it does/how it works. Recently she noticed that the address she could access with the FTP function no longer show up - the address book in the function is empty (on the printer's screen). How can I re-add addresses/how can I fix the problem/what is the problem/what went wrong?

Thank you in advance for your help - much appreciated :)


Andrew Schmidt
May 14, 2014
Go to the MFPs web interface, click Address book on the left toolbar and then choose "Add.."
Fill inn the Address name and then click the "FTP"-tab. Then fill in the address, a valid username and password(needs write-permission in the desired destination) and the catalouge/path of the destination. If you do no not know these, contact your IT-dept :) Check the square "Set as default used" before hitting send!
I'm sure your local Sharp dealer will be helpful here, contact them and they can probably help you via Teamviewer.

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