"Young" desktop printer that has on-printer PCL?

Aug 14, 2020
Hello -

Old school desktop printers had on-printer PCL/Postscript/other printer language processing.

Today most of the printers don't have full-blown emulations. Instead they rely on host-side processing.

The Oki C322dn *claims* to support many printer emulations :

https://my.okidata.com/PDS_Art.nsf/.../$FILE/C332dn MS16178_Spec Sheet_0420_web.pdf

Printer Languages : PCL6 (XL3.0) and PCL5c, Postscript 3 (emulation), IBM-PPR, EPSON-FX, XPS, PDF (V1.7)

It's hard to tell if they mean "old school" or are just doing it in their driver.

Does anyone know for sure?

Thank You,

Jul 11, 2020
That looks to me like it's built in. The emulation bit for postscript probably just means it's using something like Ghostscript onboard. I would suspect this printer has a full embedded computer that is running Linux or some stripped down busy-box version. Brother printers work the same way. PCL and Postscript through an onboard computer.

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