Printing from a laptop to a desktop that has the printer

Aug 10, 2020
OK I've been all over the internet and tried just about everything they said to do. My printer is hooked up to my desktop and I have wireless internet. I want to send things from my laptop to the desktop to print. The printer is a HP 2610v but only comes with a USB connection or ethernet (it's not wireless). I can see my printer on both computers. Both computers have WiFi and both are connected to my wireless internet. The only way I can get an IP address is if I hook up an ethernet cable and then it will issue that IP address on the print out (I don't use or have ethernet). Yes I have shared the printers, Yes I have set the printer on both computers as default printer. In todays technology it shouldn't be that hard to tell a laptop to tell a desktop "Here print this for me". If you have kids then you'll know why I'm asking this. It gets old having to set it in a general location so that everyone can come around, plug their USB in to print something.
I'm not a wireless or internet person so please be simple with your answers.
My next thought was a ad-hoc
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