Generic toner ok?

Jun 24, 2015
I'm sure everyone in the world knows the answer to this but me. But I finally got a laser printer and it ran out of toner. Can I buy this generic stuff to save money? It will work fine? My printer is a Samsung SCX-4729FW.

Cheap toner I guess would be something like this:

It would be fine and won't dry out or something stupid over time?

Thanks for any help.
Jul 12, 2015
At best you won't be able to tell between it and the proper stuff, at worst it'll ruin your fuser. Chances are you will get a very slightly poorer print quality you won't even notice, you might also get a bit of leakage since this is a re-manufactured cartridge and already had a full lifetime of wear and tear on the mechanical parts - again probably not enough to bother about.
You should research the re-manufacturer and check out their reputation.
Laser toner is a fine powder, it won't "dry out". In fact getting it damp is very bad!

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