HELP!! Looking for all-in-one Laser Color Wireless Duplex

Aug 24, 2011
Please help with advice!

We need a new printer for a small office. I'm browsing internet for reviews for a few days now and feel lost more and more: nothing looks attractive, for 2 positive reviews there are 3 negatives... They all seem to plunge in quality in last couple of years.

All and any of your input will be greatly appreciated!

What we need is:
All in one
wireless or at least with optional wireless
with duplex printing
not too noisy
not too expensive in long run

We don't need photo quality, just a nice color quality and most of our prints/copies are monochrome anyway.
We do need to print envelopes and it should be reasonably user-friendly.

The OSs we have are: Vista, XP and Windows Server 7

Our budget is up-to $2000 if it's something really wonderful, and preferably up to $1500

Our output is up to 5000 pages a month, usually even up to 3000.

Till now we had Brother 9840, and it's on its last legs. Somehow we never liked it, especially hated manual tray, that gave us a lot of problems and printing envelopes was a complete pain - they were coming out curled and jammed a lot...

More thoughts on the subject:
- Maybe we should get something a few years old but more solid (but what about OS compatibility?)?
- Maybe we should get a nice printer and a separate scanner/copier??

Thank you in advance!
Aug 24, 2011
Thank you, but we are looking for all in one printer, meaning we still need scanner and copier in the same machine.

I will probably be looking into Brother's direction again though

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