HL2040 Print Jobs not completing

Jul 5, 2011
I managed a network of 32 remote pc's and printers. Lately I have been having an issue where a document (sometimes generated from a program and sometimes just a word document) will error in the printer queue and not print. I can't find any specific error log that can point me in the right direction so I come here. The only solution that works is to unplug the USB cable and plug it back in. At this point the printer will warm up and prints the said document(s) that had previously errored out. This happens at 2 locations alot and sporadically more often at other locations. There seems to be no reason or common occurances as to why this happens.

Currently these pc's run Windows XP Pro
They are on our company domain and are limited through our group policy

Any suggestions would be appreciated as I have not found a thing with this.

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