How login to Lexmark printer from MarkVision software

Jun 29, 2018
We have dozens of Lexmark printers and I installed Lexmark Markvision software to remotely manage and reboot them. The printers are all listed in the Markvision software. But I cannot manage the printers because the software does not have the printer credentials in it. I have searched the Markvision manual and the software and cannot find anywhere to input the credentials (password) for the printer. The event log shows "Unable to audit printer: Invalid credentials" and reboot requests fail. Can someone tell me how to configure the Markvision software so that it has the credentials for the printers? The printers are set up to only require a password and not a username. The printer password does not have the complexity or length required of the Markvision software, so I cannot make the password to get into the Markvision software match the password on the printer. There must be some way to put the printer credentials into Markvision but I cannot find it.

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