Lexmark 912 gone bonkers..

Jul 15, 2020
I don't have any history with this machine. When I got it the panel said it was out of black and it came with new black cartridge and fuser, so I replaced them both. Everything was going well until I tried to send a 300 page pdf file to it. After about 30 pages it stopped printing black and started spewing magenta all over the place. The belt has lots on it and the developer for magenta is covered. I tried to cancel the print job after it stopped printing black but it wouldn't quit printing pages with no text, just magenta lines. I even powered the machine down and it just kept spitting out pages once I powered it back on. Now it has decided that both black and magenta need replacing. I did get it to start printing text again by bypassing the errors but magenta is still spewing.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.. : )

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