Lexmark X543 print quality...

May 7, 2020

I have two of these and they've been excellent.

Recently I've been getting a grey background with a pink.red tinge, sometime a bit streaky. I can post a photo is it helps...

Not sure where to go on this!

May 11, 2020
I have seen that is several model laser printers. Every time I was able to fix them I found the Magenta Toner was faulty and has started leaking toner that smeared on EVERY page. First pull the magenta cartridge (if rather new the store should replace it) and get a new one. I find some generic are more prone to leak. Will most likely need to clean out the leaked toner. I had a vacuum with an attachment that i was able to clean out small places. If you don't have that, get a painter mask and a can of air. Go OUTSIDE as this will kick up a lot of toner. Gently blow out the toner area and possibly the fuser area

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