How to automatically save a PDF book from scanned documents with the Canon mx360

Sep 5, 2013
Is there a way with the Canon mx360 All in One Printer, that I can do these steps in this order...

-scan multiple hard copy documents at once from the printer
-automatically make a PDF book from these documents and have the software application automatically give that PDF book a name, and save that book in my c:\ drive?

I have 100 PDF books to make and its taking up too much time of my time, to name each PDF document after it is manually scanned, and then book them together in a PDF book. I'm hoping that my MX360 printer can help me out with this problem and reduce my time in this process.

If there is an additional software application I need to get in order to do all these, please let me know. I just need a way to automatically save my PDF documents after they are scanned from this printer. If it can't save as a pdf book automatically, I need to know that too and find out other ways that will get me closer to my goal. Besides the administrators reading this post, if anyone in this community have any good tips or tricks for me in my situation, that would be awesome! Looking for all answers on this!


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