OKI MC362 multi printer save before print

May 26, 2020
I have been using the above printer for a number of years in a network in Switzerland. I have moved to Thailand and want to connect this printer via USB to my laptop on a local basis. the printer is found and marked as the default printer.
When I try to print something it asks me to save to (Filename) and then attaches a PRN ending.

When I try to print from the file my system tells me that it cannot print a prn file and adobe cannot change it.

I is annoying. Anybody any suggestions ? Thanks in Advance
Jul 12, 2019
Hello ThailandDan,

You have a few option:
1 - try another cable
2 - reinstall the drivers
3 - reset the printer back to factory default
4 - upgrade the firmware

I would follow the suggested troubleshooting order.

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