OKI MC362 - Error code 612 Toner not installed

Mar 31, 2017

I bought a used OKI MC362 at an auction beliving it would work but I have never been able to use it.

At first it gave me the error codes 544 545 546 547 since there were no toners installed. I bought, again, used, empty original toners on ebay and the error code changed to 612 for the yellow toner. It says: No toner installed.

I have thoroughly made sure that the toner is installed properly. I can hear the clicking sound when I push it into place. (The other toners gave me error codes when they weren't installed with the click).

Anyone here who knows what might be wrong?
Is it the sensor?
I want to sell it if I can repair it and I don't want to spend big money on it to make it work.

Big thanks in advance


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