How to configure a HLL3230CDW so as to connect to a router but be accessed wirelessly

Apr 23, 2019
I have a brand new HL-L3230cdw

I would appreciate some advice (or may a document that explains things) on how to set up this printer.

Here goes.

I have a laptop which is only wireless.
It runs Win 10 and I access the Internet though my router.

I want to be able to plug my new printer into my router via an Ethernet cable.
Then, print to it wirelessly via my router.

Is such a thing possible ?
If so, how would I configure the printer ? (Not wirelessly methinks.)

And once it is configured, how will my laptop "see" the printer so that I might create an icon for it under devices and printers ?

These questions may sound dumb, but, well, 'm simply not very smart about these things.
And would greatly appreciate the advice.


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