How to disable preview in Epson Scan

Apr 9, 2021
Is it possible to disable the necessity of previewing a scan in Epson Scan (Windows 10)?

My networked Epson XP-830 is in the basement, and I usually use my PC upstairs. The problem is that if I put a stack of documents in the ADF and go back upstairs, it forces a preview before you can actually scan - which causes it to pull in the first page, scan it, and eject it - so then it's not included in the actual scan! So I have to go back downstairs and re-add it to the ADF,

If I remember, I put a "dummy" page in on the top of the stack, but I don't always if I'm in a rush.

It's very frustrating - it seems a really poor design decision.

I can't find anything in any of the documentation about disabling the feature. I've even dug into the registry to try and find a hidden toggle without success.

Thanks for any advice.


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