How to Share 1 Printer for Many Laptops / Computers

Apr 10, 2019
Steps for How to Share Printer via LAN Network
What needs to be considered before sharing a printer, select one of the computers / laptops with the highest specs and / or low mobility (not often taken out of the office) and make sure the computer / laptop is always connected to the LAN network via LAN or Wireless LAN (WiFi) cable
1. Activate File and Printer Sharing, how to: open the Control Panel then select Network and Internet
2. Select Network and sharing center
3. Select Change advanced sharing settings
4. In the File and printer sharing section select Turn on file and printer sharing
5. Select Turn off password protected sharing, this setting will make all files or printers that have been shared by the computer accessible to anyone connected to a network without entering a password.
6. Then click the Save changes button to save the changed settings.
7. After that, we share the printer using the Printer Settings available in Printer Properties
8. Open the Device and Printers in your computer's Control Panel
9. Select the printer to be shared then right-click, choose Printer Properties
10. Select the Sharing tab, then check the Share this printer option
11. Click OK

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