HowTo? insert image from local drive?

Jun 27, 2013
I was attempting to insert a screen-shot to a post. The image was local, rather than something I'd uploaded to the internet.

There is an icon for "Insert Image", that it only seemed to allow a URL to an image already on the web. Is this user error on my part to not see how to do this? Is there an additional step to get a local image "staged" to then insert it?

Or is it necessary to do an "Attachment"? ... ok that seems to "work", but seems like something of a work-around to being able to directly specify an image to insert.


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Jun 10, 2006
Unfortunately, uploading as an attachment is the only way to get a local picture viewable uploaded. I've changed it so that any .jpg image attached should now display a "thumbnail" which can be clicked on. There is a workaround, where you can copy the URL of the attached image and then paste this in as a picture - but the thumbnail may be ok for now.

I'm looking in to upgrading the forums to some improve forum software, which should make it much more user friendly, especially when it comes to uploading images. I'm just testing it at the moment to make sure it's the right way to go, but hopefully I should have some news on this in the next couple of weeks :).

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