HP color laser MFP 178 NW "Shadow" printing

Dec 7, 2023
Has anyone solved/ have any suggestions for stopping HP color laser MFP 178 NW printing a second faded version of the text or image at the end of the page? Google shows some other people have had the same problem. I've got a new black toner cartridge on order but not sure this is the issue (it hasn't run out yet though this was just a suggestion of what one of the issues could be - and the cartridges are £25- £50 each, a set of 4 at least £70ish so I'm not keen to do too many toner changing experiments if it isn't the issue) - my dad is actually a computer repair man (largely retired), and suggested I a.) try a new cartridge and b.) clean the inside and print drum with deionised water and a lint free cloth very carefully. I have cleaned it - but it hasn't resolved it.

One suggestion online was to make sure there wasn't any damage on the drum (there doesn't appear to be) and to try thicker paper to get the toner to stick better. I haven't tried thicker paper yet, as it was printing ok for quite a while with the paper I have which is just "normal" print paper (not especially think or thin). Would be great if anyone had any handy tips on this.

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