HP CP1525nw connects to wifi but has no IP address

Sep 7, 2023
The steps I took to get here:

I factory reset settings, then connected to network via ethernet. Connecting to gave me the settings pages, where I selected my wifi name, gave it the wifi password, and hit apply. Unplugging the cable after that, I see the wifi light on front is solid, and the wifi test page passes all the test. However, it doesn't list an IP address, doesn't have one according to my router, and I can't see or connect to it from any computer. I'd prefer to use DHCP, but if I need to, I'll set a static address as a last resort. Contacting HP, they bounced me to three different people before telling me they aren't going to help me at all. I don't have the MAC access list on, and besides the AP name and password every setting is stock. Any suggestions would be great.

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