Hp Deskjet 5650 keeps printing alignment page

Apr 8, 2010
Since i changed operating systems from WindowsXP32bit to Windows7 64bit, my printer keeps printing alignment pages. It will do it when i power on the printer, and it will do it after each printout. So far ive looked at HP's deskjet page. The HP Toolbox software isnt supported by Windows7, meaning that the handy print alignment and cartridge ink level software cant be used. I went to Hp's print alignment page ,they give you steps on what buttons to press on the printer to print an alignment page, to clean the printheads,print a print quality diagnostic page [which didnt work] ,and also to calibrate linefeed. I also removed each ink cartridge and cleaned the contacts and removed any dried ink.

None of that seemed to help. Does anyone know a solution to this? [this printer does not have a scanner by the way].

I like this printer, and since theres very few "windows7 compatible" printers available at this time, id like to keep this one.

Thanking you
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