HP Deskjet cxi drivers needed for W10 clean install

Nov 6, 2019
When W10 1909 is released, I would like to do a clean install on my desktop computer. When looking for the drivers I will need, I found that the current version of W10 is lacking drivers for my HP Deskjet 970cxi printer and it would be safe to assume the next version will be lacking them as well.

I used my laptop computer (that lacks the drivers) to attempt a trial install to see if an install would even be possible. None showed up in the initial driver list, so I had W10 printer/scanner installer search Windows Update for drivers, but still none were found.

My desktop computer currently has a set of working drivers, that were installed several W10 versions ago. I am wondering if it would be possible to create a driver install package from my existing installed drivers on my desktop PC, and then install them elsewhere as if installing from the "Have Disk" option.

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