HP Envy 5530 Blue Flashing Screen with Error Message CN52DBA341

Feb 13, 2019
This has happened before and somehow I've gotten it to reset but can't get it to reset this time. Everything is shut down and other "Help" forums that suggest taking out the cartridges aren't paying attention as the carriage won't move enough to take out the black cartridge! Unplugging and other tricks aren't working either. Not sure if it is related, but the scanner stopped working when these issues appeared before.
Has anyone found a way to do a reset? I know this happens often enough with my model and others made in this era, that somewhere there is a solution!
Any help is appreciated.
Dec 7, 2016
Turn Printer ON
Unplug printer from power source
This should unlock carriage and you should be able to manually move carriage from left to right

Try disconnecting USB or turning off Wireless connection. See printer manual

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