HP MFP 586DN print quality issues

Sep 26, 2021
Hi, i need some advice.

I've purchased a 2nd user MFP 586, that's in VGC.

Unfortunately the print quality is streaky and the magenta toner isn't printing.

I've spent ages going through the cleaning process and purchased the HP cleaning pad, nothing has worked.

I really would like to get the printer up and running.

Just wondered if anyone has any experience with this printer that could offer me some suggestions?


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Sep 24, 2021
looks like printer head problems
yellow and cyan look ok
black looks like printhead holes blocked
magenta is either toner or printhead (probably printhead )
try cleaning a couple more times if no improvement printheads might need replacing
contact hp tech they are usually very helpful and can tell you nearest service company to you
these do print really nice when working

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