Best MFP Laser printers

Aug 29, 2021
Hi everyone,

My 75 year old parents have an HP laserjet MFP M281fdw, and i am happy with the quality, speed etc. the only thing i am not happy with is that every 8 hours it shuts down, not just sleep mode, it shuts down! meaning every 8 hours you have to hit the power button, and seems to cause all kinds of connectivity issues from tablets, computers etc.

i have since researched online how to stop it powering down automatically every 8 hours, and have found out through various forums, that this is something HP have written into the software to "save the environment" by powering down and saving power. everything i have read has told me that this cannot be changed. if so that is a massive pain in the ass, because i love being able to email invoices to the printer via HP ePrint whilst i am away from home with time to kill, but it does not work if someone isnt home to hit the power button every 8 hours!

does anyone know if it can be stopped, unlike what all the forums say?

And if not, what similar laser printers from other brands are on the market that do not disconnect from the network, meaning something can be sent to them 24/7



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