Best Sticker Printing Machine for starting

Jul 25, 2021

New to the forum here. I want to start an online store to sell stickers of some of our designs. I am looking for a good professional quality printer for starting but don’t know much about the subject. The stickers we are planning on selling will be no bigger than 6” in size.

Somebody suggested me the Roland VersaStudio BN20. I noticed it could do many projects that we are not really interested in doing by looking at this machine. It looks more industrial and geared towards printing agencies (correct me if I am wrong).

I don't have a problem investing in this machine, but I feel it can be too much for me now, and I can invest in it later on If I need to. Maybe there are other options out there that you can suggest, or maybe this one is the right choice.

Anyways thanks to all, and hopefully, you can help.

Juan P Rivera

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