HP Photosmart C 4180 Ink Well Drenched with Ink, Works Fine

Mar 8, 2015
I inherited an old HP Photosmart C 4180 All-In-One PSC and all parts are working and printing fine. It came quite dirty with a dusting of ink on it, so I gave it and the paper rollers all a good cleaning, however even though it came with original HP ink cartridges, the well areas are just soaked with ink! I have no idea how to clean this mess up, or if I even need to. I also have no idea if the prior owner used these cartridges to refill with non-HP inks. In addition, when the owner handed the printer off to me, they gave it to me hanging on it's side in a grocery bag (a "no-no"!!), so I have no idea what happened here. Is there a way to clean the ink well areas without completely ripping apart the entire ink well and mechanism?? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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