HP PSC 1350xi prints only yellow except test image

Mar 19, 2012
I am using a HP PSC1350xi on Windows XP SP3. It has worked for several years, until about two weeks ago. Now, all of a sudden, it will only print the yellow component of the "alignment" test page, nothing for normal print jobs, yet it will print its self-test butterfly image perfectly. The print cartridges are new and clean, and properly installed. I have uninstalled and reinstalled all the software and drivers, including downloading the latest from HP.com. Cartridge contacts are clean. I have followed every suggested fix I can find. I am at my wit's end, and I have no more time to waste. PLEASE HELP.

Have tried:
New cartridges (prints test image perfectly)
Clean cartridges (see above)
Clean contacts (see above)
Re-install all software and drivers from CD
Re-install all software and drivers from HP.com
Update all software from HP.com
Print directly to printer (as opposed to spooling)
Reinstalled again, this time making sure all HP peripheral programming was first removed, including director and other crap I don't need
Tried a Windows Restore Point from long before the issue arose
Tried different USB port
Read HP.com's useless troubleshooting guide
Pound head repeatedly on wall
Pound head repeatedly on printer

To date, I have also tried another restore point after the scanner portion of the PSC stopped communicating with the computer. I have done another, more distant Restore Point, and every step I take it loses more functionality. It seems now that HP Director and some of the other peripheral utilities refuse to work. I assume this has to do with the software uninstall being very messy, and leaving many vestiges behind which I have tried to remove manually.

Unfortunately, I am not made of money so a new PSC is a far stretch at this time.


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