I missed this part when reassembling and do not know where it should go in Epson L310

Sep 12, 2017
Hello there,

I was trying to print on a 1mm thick material that is much smaller than A4 paper; about 10 cm x 25 cm. Since the paper feeder does not allow such a thickness I disassembled the printer trying to figure out a way to print on that thickness.

I was not able to find a way although I thought of releasing a bit or removing the plastic strips that press on the roller since the paper goes between those plastic strips and the roller. But without the plastic strips the roller will not turn/revolve.

Is there a way to print on such thickness without having to go to the direct-to -garment method in which I have to do modifications to the printer?

Also, where does that part go? a picture is attached.

A million thanks if you can help.

best regards,


  • DSC01655.JPG
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