IBM suremark 4610-TF6

Mar 18, 2013
sorry if this is covered somewhere else, cannot see it.

am a newbie to the forum, so firstly HI!!! and thanks in advance for any help that anyone can offer to my issue.

I have a IBM suremark printer (I am reasonably sure) the 4610-TF6 model which I am trying to set up to a Compaq PC running windows vista, I am trying to set up a homemade EPOS system for my pub and simply I have run out of money for this project so need to solve this with the equipment I have and OS I have if at all possible.

The PC simply does not recognise the fact there is a printer plugged in and cannot find specific Vista drivers for it. when I plug the printer into my laptop which is running windows 7 it recognises that there is something plugged in but without full drivers.

Is it possible to use this printer with my system? can anyone guide me to the driver I would need? Is Vista that terrible it is the OS issue, (hope not as I would rather not downgrade, and have no budget to upgrade).

as before thank you in advance for any help anyone can give, I am not a tech whizz so please speak slowly :) Cheers



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