Image compressing and registration marks

Jul 7, 2022
Hi everyone this is my first post :)

We love our brother HL-2350DW printer

But we are pulling our hair out and literally going to throw the thing out the window ( dramatic I know )

I have downloaded new drivers, I have checked it is set to A4, it is not set to fit to page.

The problem we have is even though the printer prints beautifully it slightly compresses the image by less than a mm vertically which is a problem for us.

We have registration marks in each corner of the page, so when we send it to the plotter/cutter, it reads the registration marks but then cuts our image off alignment.

If I print on our HP the registration marks are exactly where they should be, When I print on the Brother they are slightly off but less than a mm

I am really hoping someone can shed some light on this

Thank you

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