Is c227 useless if colour printer drum got broken?

Apr 1, 2022
Hello, at the very first point I would mention that I'm IT admin & support in ~100 employes sized company, and other person (technician from outside of company) is ment to handle printers usually. (at least if it's not some easy to do software thing).

Recently one of ours printers c227 got broken, and this guy said that replacement of printer drums would be nearly at cost of new printer. He blocked something, and now it works even with broken (color ones) drum(/s?) .
Cause we wanted to at least use it as black/white printer.
Btw even if I turned everywhere on printer setting in Web admin page to print in grey scale some others program were able to change it.
I wasn't even able to block this on pc, because it only made it default not only option. (I find out that installing 227 driver instead of c227 made printing in greyscale only option).

However in any setup I tried it still prints detailed things (like photos) so badly that it wasn't even considered to be in real use.

I have no idea if I missed something when trying to make it black and white, but prints were terrible whenever other colour than black occurred to appear on document / photo.
I wonder if case isn't like I heard that some printers use color toner to print black and white and there is nothing I could do about this.

I would be really greatful for any advices / help.

There are setups I tried and photos of prints:
>on printer in PCL settings tab: color
>on pc: greyscale, c227 driver

>printer PCL settings: greyscale
>pc: color, c227 driver

>printer PCL settings: greyscale
>pc: c227 driver, greyscale

>printer PCL settings: color
>pc: 227 driver

>printer PCL settings: greyscale
>pc: 227 driver

I also tried with quality, and still I've got were like in the worse attached picture. (the good one is from 227 not c227 printer in other room).

Is this even handlable?


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