Is there a way to use TN-339BK on MFC-L8850CDW

Jan 12, 2021
I mistakenly bought a TN-339BK toner a couple years ago in replacement for the factory provided toner of this printer since we knew the actual one was near its end (but as you can see, we don't print often AND there is still a good amount a powder once it says it is over). Today, I wanted to change it for the new one and was shocked to realize that there is a piece of plastic on the top that is at a different place than the original preventing from inserting the toner in the printer.

Since it is now open, it will be way more difficult to sell it at a reasonable price so I don't lose too much. So what I'm wondering is: could I simply cut this piece of plastic? The toner cartridge seems to only have mechanical parts (no electronics) and these parts seem identical to the original one in position and size. What is the reason for brother to prevent the MFC-L8850CDW to use the TN-339BK?

Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge.


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