Is there any way to print from a chromebook to a printer with no wifi connection?

Jun 7, 2016
My printer is way too far from the router. So although my laptop gets wifi from my room, my printer can't. The router is in someone else's room, and there's no way my printer can be placed any nearer. So forget about using the printer's wifi capabilities. I have a chromebook, which is really helpful, but it can only print to a cloud-printer. I barely know what that means. If it means setting up the printer to print from the internet - then that's no option for my situation. Is there any way to print from a chromebook MANUALLY? Like just sticking in a usb cable and connecting that to the printer? I guess not... Well, next step is: i DO have another windows laptop, which luckily does connect to a printer without internet. But can i somehow set up the chromebook in a way that i could print (to the network, or to the cloud, call it what you want) and then connect my laptop to wifi and print from it to the printer? That would help greatly! As of now i have to print everything from the chromebook to pdf and email it to myself and then print it from the laptop. Any better solution?


Jun 4, 2016
Hi Me pa,

I'm afraid if your printer's WiFi isn't working then I think you're stuffed :( My brother-in-law had this problem and we couldn't get his chromebook to print even over a USB link to the printer - no drivers for the printer.


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