Is this printer a right fit?

Jan 13, 2011

I'm in the market for a new office laserjet color printer. It has to have automatic duplex and Ethernet network, and ideally easy to find toner. I don't need fax or scanning. It will be for a 50 person academic department as the only color printer (we have tons of black and whites). I just started so I don't really know how many pages a month we go through, but i'd say a max of 3000 a month if it gets crazy. We're replacing a xerox phaser 8500 and phaser 6350 if that matters. We will be printing solely on letter sized paper.

A rep suggested the hp cp4525dn but there aren't a lot of reviews for it out there so I'm a little hesitant. The printer has to be reliable, last at least a couple of years, and again, the toner easily found. Up front price is not a concern, but it would be nice if toner was reasonable. Excellent warrenty and customer support is important as well.

Thank you!

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