KM-2030 Checksum error F1

Feb 22, 2014
Trying to connect used copier to my network. But Im having a problem the Data light is flashing and when I go to setup the Network I get an error message Checksum Error F1
I have found instructions to fix that
Turn the Power “OFF” and unplug the machine.
2. Insert CF containing the F/W Update into Printer PCB.
3. Connect the Power Cord, turn the Power “ON”, and press the “Printer On-line Key” (“Check Sum Error F1 “is still displayed).
4. Press the Start key and Stop key together for 5 sec. (If the Fax kit is installed, first open the One-Touch key Lid).
5. F/W will initialize and the program is written automatically.
6. After completion of F/W UP-LOAD, turn the power OFF, disconnect the power plug and remove the CF (Update Completed).

My question is where do I get the CF to insert


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