UK Brother Laser HL-2030 Supported Drums and Toners

Dec 16, 2010
so I have a UK Brother HL-2030 and I'm looking to get a replacement drumkit and toner. Officially Brother says that it needs the DR 2000 and TN 2000. However on the Canadian Brother website, it says that it requires a completely different model drum and toner for (apparently) the same model printer.

Looking online on Google I find that some sites are saying that the HL-2030 supports the DR-2050 Drum and TN 2050 Toner. Simply search for "DR2050" and "2030" and you will see what I mean.

I know for sure that it will support the DR2000 but my question is will it also support the DR2050?

Any advice / suggestions?
Nov 11, 2010
My advice would be to stick with the UK recommendations of the TN2000 and DR2000 especially if you have a UK printer and all the software for it. 5/6 websites support this and they are around £49 for the TN2000 original (£17 compatible) and £59 original DR2000 (£29 compatible). Hope this helps.

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