Brother Laser Printer Won't Print Color

Jul 23, 2018

I have a Brother MFC-L8850CDW.

I have added all new toner. Black and white prints crisp and perfect. However, it won't print any color. This is not a PC driver issue, as it won't print color even when printing test sheets from the maintenance menu. Where there should be color, there is none. There is sometimes some smudgy black with the new toner, but that's it. See attached photos (color scans). I have tried factory resetting, but no dice.

Something that may be related is that printer calibration always fails. I have tried removing and re-seating the drum, the belt unit, and the waste toner unit (as I read that calibration failing can be related to the belt unit). No change.

It seems odd to me that the black toner prints perfectly, while all three color cartridges do not. I would think that even with low toner, you would see at least a little bit of color. Has anyone experienced this or something similar before? Thank you.

01-source.jpg 02-old_toner.jpg 03-new_toner.jpg

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