Brother HL-4070CDW Color Laser Printer-Error Message "Unable to Print-32"

Mar 1, 2018
I've been getting the error message "Unable to Print-32" whenever I try to print. The printer says to turn my printer off and on again, but that doesn't fix the problem. Sometimes if I move the printer back and forth it will finally print, but not often.

When I've looked up this error message, the stuff I've seen online says there is some kind of problem with a foam pad not sticking or something.

I've found YouTube videos that show to fix the problem on other model Brother printers, but not for mine, and I am cautious about tearing my printer apart without knowing exactly where the part is on my printer.

Of the YouTube videos I've watched, the model printer in this one looks most like mine:

Has anyone had this problem on my model printer and been able to fix it that could tell me how, please?

Thank you.

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