Kodak Verite 55 Plus Printer Suddenly Won't Print


Feb 21, 2020
I have a Windows 10 Operating System Desktop Computer. I was printing wirelessly (a hassle to set up , so a tech savvy friend did it via typing in an IP address) and have also used it wire connected in the past.
Recently, it mysteriously won't print either wirelessly, or even when wire connected to my computer.

I tried inputting the IP address again but it did not solve the problem. I then reinstalled the Kodak (Funai) Printer driver and it did not solve the problem either.

Any suggestions to make the printer work?

At this point I'll settle for it simply being able to print whether it is wire connected or wirelessly connected.

ADDENDUM: I found the problem. It may be an uncommon occurrence/solution, but here is what I found that might benefit someone else:
I unplugged the power to the printer and plugged it back in, being sure that it was plugged into an electrical outlet that is always on, not switched on.
Note that my printer "power on" light was lit before when it would not print, so the answer likely was the act of simply unplugging the power to the printer, waiting a minute or two and then plugging it back into the electrical outlet.
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