Konica 1690MF - Squeak Squeak turning sound

Oct 21, 2021
Hi, have this Laser printer and after cleaning it ect, it works great in b/w and colour but when printing, it makes a squeak squeak sound
so i guessing its a shaft or similar turning at paper speed. It cant be paper feeder as it happens as soon as you push print and the drum and toner are still loading up before paper is drawn in and i dont think its one of the toners as i serviced them and they have smooth small thin silent rollers.
so i guessing it something geared from the main motor on the side of the machine that connects with the I/C or fuser gears or even those assemblies themselves maybe.
Obviously something needs lubing or looked at as i hate to do all this work and its not finished even as amateur, i like do things right...

thanks for any ideas..

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