Kyocera taskalfa 300ci not registering brand new M toner

Dec 19, 2019
Hello i was giving a kyocera 300ci from a friend. He said it was working fine but when he dropped it off the magenta was reporting empty.

I bought a new magenta toner and not only does the 300ci say the toner is empty still but it sits at loading toner for about 15 mins. After a few tries it came up with a new error message saying t he waist toner bin was full, so I replaced that as well.

After trying a few more times with a new waist toner bin I can see that the 300ci is just dumping magenta toner into the waist bin. Me new toner now feels halfway empty and the new waist toner bin is filled about halfway with nothing but magenta toner.

I've tried replacing th RFID sticker on the toner itself and even taking it off completely. I took the back plate off and all moters are spinning like they should.

The only thing I can think it could be is the pw board that reads the RFID SENSORS on the toner.

Has anyone had this problem on these kind of printers? I've never seen an office printer just dump toner into a waist bin and say there is no toner.

Any help would be appreciated thank you.


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