L850 colors are disappointing...

Apr 8, 2020
I everyone.

I've owned an EPSON PX710W for 11 years now and it has always printed beautiful lively coloured pictures, the only beef i have with it, is it's high cost in ink.

So i decided, now that i bought a house, that we needed to print alot of new photos. i went on board with the Epson ECO tank system. I bought the EPSON L850 Photo printer with 6 colors, same as the PX710W.

When i print a portrait of my daughter, the differnce of quality in the colors are quite clear and my 11 old printer, seems perform alot better and both pictures are printet with "Photo Enhance" enabled. See the attached file.

I've never ever had to do any color correction with my PX710W, but i hope there is something i can do. Right now my brand new L850 seems money out the window with such bad color performance.

Also, i don't know if this has anything to do with the colors, but in EPSON Easy Photo Print, the PX710W have another quality setting called "Best photo", the L850 highest setting is "High"

Anyone who can help me on how i can get better print results?.


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