HP LaserJet 2600n Colors not Aligned on Image (Offset)

Jul 10, 2020
Product: HP 2600n
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 (64-Bit)
First, I know nothing about Laser Printers

Problem: My Magenta toner cartridge was leaking dust into my printer and onto the rotating "belt" that is visible when the front door of the printer is opened to replace the Toner Cartridges. The printer was operating NORMALLY except for the fact all prints had red streaks from the leaking cartridge.

Several times (while awaiting new toners) I used an almost dry paper towel and gently wiped the dust from the "belt" by manually (carefully) rotating the belt to remove the powder from the entire assembly, which then produced good prints for a few copies before again becoming contaminated. In the past few years, I had done a similar gentle "wiping" of the curtain wit no negative effects.

I don't know what this component is called, but this is a link to a photo showing it:

When the new (after-market) toners I replaced all of them as I have done many times before, but after the printer ran a "Calibration Cycle," the new Magenta was not printing, and the Cyan was out of registration, being displaced about 1mm below, and 2mm to the left of the main print image (which looked good except from the lack of Magenta.

I tried removing/inserting the toners and performing further "Calibration" cycles, but nothing changed the displaced blue portion of the image.

Is there anything I can do to correct this situation (I am non-technical with regard to software and printers, though as a physicist and electronics engineer am not helpless if instructed in plain language) ?

Could I have caused this by cleaning the rolling "curtain" or could it be a consequence of the cartridge change (meaning I need to try different cartridges). The non-HP toners I purchased had excellent reviews BTW. I am however getting a display that says, "Non HP Supplies in Use," which is new to me.



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