HP Laserjet 2600n constant toner 'leakage' after cleaning?

Nov 15, 2019
Hi all,

I've been trying to repair a laserjet 2600n that has started smearing blue streaks all over my printouts. I haven't been able to identify why this is happening, so perhaps that is a good starting point.

I put leakage in quotes because I don't exactly have the toner/powder all over the inside of the printer - it is only on the black tape, if that's what it's called, not a speck of it outside that. After wiping it all down, when I run cleaning mode on the printer, it just smears blue toner all over that black tape again, and the printed side of the paper coming out is covered in blue vertical streaks.

I can't quite remember when this started happening, but I'm fairly certain this started before I installed a third-party yellow cartridge. The streaks are 90%+ blue - with some of all the other colours mixed in.

What troubleshooting steps would you recommend? Is this salvageable? It's getting close to 10 years old, although it hasn't seen much use - if it's too much effort I may bite the bullet and get a new printer.

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