HP LaserJet 5L Extra prints ghost image

Nov 7, 2020
My daughters' printer sat idle for a number of years & she asked me to see if I could get it to work.

The reason she stopped using it, was the original test page was a light gray with a smudged background & when trying to print more than 1 page, it would grab all the paper & feed it into the machine; causing a difficult to remove paper jam.

I took it apart, cleaned all the rollers along with the plastic fuser film sleeve & vacuumed out the inside. Also replaced the toner cartridge.

It did clean up the background & darken the text quite a bit. But it also produced the ghost image with a 1/8th inch offset.
HP LJ 5L Extra-testpage.jpg
The offset was present before the clean-up but only barely visible.

If someone could please point me in the right direction, as to what is malfunctioning in the printer and needs to be replaced. it would be greatly appreciated??

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