MFC-3770CDW with Error "print unable oB" and then other odd issues

Jan 20, 2021
This printer is a year and a half old with 17k pages. Yesterday it stopped printing with the "print unable oB" message. I followed the guidance for that error and it didn't get any better. It returned to "print unable oB".

Later in the day the panel said "check drum". I took the steps for the error and "print unable oB" is gone.

However the printer is still not normal. It will copy fine. It will print from at least one pc (it's connected to the network via ethernet cable). It does not print from some other printers. For the printers that it doesn't print from, nothing ever shows up in the queue.

I don't know what it adds up to. If "print unable oB" means there is a mechanical issue that needs service, why did a routine drum check partially fix it? And why didn't it report "check drum" originally?

I have a message in to Brother. It's out of warranty already which is a real drag. I'm hoping that someone here has seen this set of issues before.

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