MFC-775DW ink door cover always reports as open

Mar 28, 2021

I have a Brother MCF-775DW. I constantly get an error message saying the ink cartridge door is open even though it is not. Flicking my finger against the closed ink door cover will usually clear the error message, but it will come back as soon as the printer starts printing, or even if I wiggle the table the printer sits on. Seems as though the vibration from printing will trigger error message to appear and printing stops. If I clear the error message by flicking my finger against the door and then hold pressure against the ink door cover using my thumb, I can get through a print job. But this is not practical, especially for long print jobs. I have tried the usual things multiple times without success: unplugged and restarted the printer, removed and reinserted the ink cartridges. It seems like this is a case of an ink cartridge door sensor that is not functioning properly. Any idea where the sensor for the door cover is located in this model? Is it possible to get inside the printer to defeat the sensor? Aside from this issue, the printer works well. It is only a few years old. i would like to try to fix this. Thanks!

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