MFC 9340CDW not printing please help

Jun 10, 2019
Hi all,
I have had this printer for around a year not used that much, it's done around 5000 copies so its still fairly new in my small home office.
Recently it said unable to see one of the cartridges which I changed for a new one (using compatible ones since new- which have been great)
Anyhow same message and said to pull out the cartridges and move the green slider back and forth, which i did....still the same.
Meanwhile, the print started to fade on the paper. Eventually it was unreadable.
I changed the whole set for a new one, same problem and now I just get blank papers, no colour, no Black nothing.
Drivers have not been a problem and the machine responds as it should and prints as it should but no ink on paper.
Any ideas please?
Thanks in advance.

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